The best option for your sash windows

There are many aspects of a property that require care. While many people forget, this includes your windows too. They can be a great addition to your home, but age and lack of maintenance can ruin them. Looking to high quality sash window restoration Northumberland home owners love will allow them to be amazing once again. This includes enhancing the appearance and the functions they offer. Continue reading “The best option for your sash windows” »

Advice on painting your sash windows

It’s not difficult for people to spot a window, especially ones that owners have allowed to deteriorate. Once they see them, onlookers will develop less than favourable impressions of your property. If you’re attempting to sell your home, this isn’t a preferable situation to be in. There’s no need to worry however, as we’re here to help. Ours is the top performing company when it comes to sash window restoration Northumberland has. Continue reading “Advice on painting your sash windows” »

Sash window security is amazing

David Humble specialises in providing the best sash window restoration Northumberland can give. Some people are under the impression that this type of window is not secure. This is not the case. All you have to do is understand the different aspects. Then, you can ensure you can inspect it and have something that gives your house a unique look.


Looking after your windows keeps them in great shape. Therefore, be sure to do regular checks. If you see any signs of deterioration or they don’t appear to be working right, call an expert. David Humble can work to repair and restore your windows. Looking at all the different parts involved is the key, because it ensures we don’t miss anything out.

It is true that sash windows are a style that has been around for a long time. But, this does not mean that they are not as good as newer models. Great restorers can look at your window to ensure that everything is working as it should. This includes working on internal mechanisms as well as glass panes. Have a style that looks classic without being outdated. Choosing a modern type of sash window also allows you the chance to go for double glazing, giving even more security.

There are a range of locks available. Once installed, check on these and the latches so you know if anything goes wrong. You can even lock a sash in an open position. So, you can let air in your home without having to worry about someone opening it further from outside.

David Humble is the one providing sash window restoration Northumberland relies on. When you want your property to keep its beautiful look, choose to restore. Our team can take windows in any condition and ensure they look fantastic. This includes replacing sections that may have suffered from rot.

You will receive a great finish, a window that functions perfectly and outstanding customer service.

How to care for your wooden sash windows

A beautiful sash window adds value to your home. Therefore it is important to keep it in good condition so it does not get to a point where it needs replacing. At David Humble we understand that replacements are more expensive compared to restoring the original. Fortunately we provide the best sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. Our cost effective service allows you to keep your windows in the best shape.

Why You Should Practice Good Maintenance

There are also steps you can take to increase the life span of your windows. They add to the look of your house, and this says a lot about you. A house with poor maintenance gives a bad impression, so keep an eye on the condition of each window. You may have thoughts about replacing them completely, but the truth is sashes are a great feature when properly cared for.

Another benefit of caring for your sash windows is a reduction in your energy bill. Look for draughts and listen for any whistling; this indicates gaps. They may be in the frame or the fitting of the panes. You may need draught proofing. This is a simple fix and will also keep your home warmer.


Some sash windows are wooden. While there are different things that you have to worry about with these, they are generally not much harder to care for. They can be a unique feature for your home, giving a traditional look.

Rot is a common problem with timber. If there are chips or cracks in the paintwork you need to check for any signs of moisture damage. While it may only need a new lick of paint, you should inspect it, looking for rot or soft spots. If there is rot, it needs chiselling out, filling, sanding down and a new coat of sealant.

Repainting the frame every few years lengthens it’s life, protecting from the environment and the weather. Sanding is also an important part of the maintenance. It removes old paint and gives you a smooth surface perfect for a new coat.

You can always contact us to help you. We are professionals and always deliver a beautiful finish. Our passion is making your windows look as good as possible. We can also give advice on whether you need any work done if you are unsure. You should check each window yourself every year, but you can always contact us for our opinion.

Contact David Humble to find out more about how we can help you keep your windows in the best shape. As experts in sash window restoration Northumberland loves, we always aim to give you something as close to the original as possible. That is why our work is so highly regarded.

How effective are sash windows?

David Humble offers the finest sash window restoration Northumberland and surrounding areas has to offer. You may be thinking that it would be better to replace your windows with modern ones. Yet the truth is, although they may been around for centuries, you can generally still renovate sash windows to a high standard. This is a great option for many reasons.


Sash windows are a piece of history, but after all this time, they are still a secure choice. With a sash, you have the option to lock them while they are open. So, if you want some fresh air, you don’t have to worry about someone opening your window further and gaining access. Modern sashes also have double or even triple glazing; this along with the bars ensures you get peace of mind.


Renovating your windows will save you a lot of money and commotion compared to replacing. In a lot of cases, people spend a lot on replacement. Restoration can give your home a great finish for less.

You may be thinking that wooden sashes are difficult to restore and that it would be better to upgrade. This isn’t the case. Wood is very durable and also an excellent insulator. More importantly, if taken care of a timber frame can last for centuries. Timber windows don’t actually need a great deal of maintenance; they’re reliable. Checking yearly for signs of decay will ensure you don’t lose any quality.

Energy Efficient

Modern materials mean that this traditional window design is as effective as it has ever been. Our expertise will turn any damage or rattling into a thing of the past. This leaves you knowing that you will be left with an energy efficient opening that keeps out draughts as well as damp. Give your home a boost by choosing an experienced service that will leave you with a tough product.


The appearance sash windows give your house adds a special touch. Our renovation service will transform any window that is showing its age. The David Humble team can restore your wooden sashes to match your period property. The character will be retained wherever possible, ensuring you don’t lose any of the features you love.

We will give you a high standard of workmanship every time while working quickly to give you a durable product. If you aren’t certain if your windows need restoring, get in touch for a free survey. You will receive an experienced evaluation you can trust.

Choose us for the best quality performing sash window restoration Northumberland could want. We are just one call away if you want to book an appointment or have any questions.

Finding the right sash window restorer

As one of the leading providers of sash window restoration Northumberland has, we thus hold trustworthy status. Along with this, we understand sash windows can sometimes not fulfil their usual reputation. This is why they periodically need repairing. When properly maintained they have a reputation for being very durable, and appealing to homeowners. That is why you should never neglect them.

Some of common issues that arise include worn or failed pulley systems and stuck or rotten wood. When this happens, it’s important to address the issues as soon as possible. To do that you should find the best professional restorer for the job.

How to choose a sash window restorer

One of the main ways to help find a restorer is by understanding the nature of the job. This is especially important, as the more involved they are the better their skills should be. If your windows are decades old, often the whole window requires replacement. This particularly applies if you live in a period property. So, whoever you hire should assess the damage and inform you of what is necessary to fix them. This applies whether its sash window restoration or full replacement.

Additionally, you must ensure the restorer is committed to preserving your window’s historical value. In cases where the window is seriously damaged, a true contractor will show passion for salvaging what they can. This is especially beneficial, as the original features retain your property’s value and aesthetic.

As it should be with all companies, they should offer transparency on all job estimates. The figures must include a thorough analysis of all required costs, for both materials and labour. Furthermore, providing an accurate quote should outline any extra support or guarantees from the job.

It is crucial to note, a reputable company will not schedule an expensive repair. But rather, provide reassurance of the job at hand when necessary. David Humble is a trustworthy specialist.

If you need sash window restoration Northumberland has nobody better to work with. Please contact us today to discuss the condition of your windows.

Sash window renovation vs full window replacement

Our main commitment is to providing sash window restoration Northumberland based clients appreciate. We have the experience to ensure we can determine which services are best for you. If your home’s windows need replacing, there are various considerations to cover. The most important is whether to opt for the replacement of window parts, or whole window renewal.

Sash window renovation

If specific parts only need replacing on a sash, the replacements must be particular for the frame. Generally removal of the window will be necessary when conducting repairs. In the process of sash window restoration, the installer will fit new draught proofing. This supports your property’s energy efficiency, all the while keeping you warm.

Keep in mind sash windows are timeless features, with some dating back to Georgian times. So you may want to keep the heritage of your property through renovation. Moreover, saving the original period features will retain your household’s value.

Entire window replacement

If the window is in poor condition, it will likely need replacing. This is especially likely if the wood has deep rot. To replace the window, the old frame has to be carefully removed. One downside with replacement as opposed to easily fitting new sashes in existing frames, is it must follow building regulations.

Whichever work you need David Humble can carry it out. We can provide restoration as well as replacement services. We always favour renovating windows though, as we understand it saves time and you money. Furthermore, we recommend this for anyone with original sashes. This is because the window’s appearance stays intact, whilst providing protection from dust and draughts.

We are proud to be the most highly rated company for sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. If you need advice on which course of action is best for your property, consider getting in touch with us today.

Restore your home’s timeless features

Sash windows are timeless architectural period features that need our expertise and care. We therefore strive to effectuate sash window restoration Northumberland property owners will appreciate. Regardless if the installation is on an Edwardian or modern home, it’s still difficult to deny their refinement. Our team can protect these features and help to make them more effective.

Benefits of sash windows

When summertime comes the windows are most efficient. The design allows effective ventilation so heat can escape. Not only this, but they look elegant on both modern and period properties.

Some owners are concerned draughts will disturb them. Generally, this is only the case when they are in need of new draught proofing. So, spending extra on window quality can save you much more on energy bills.

If they are an original fitting on your home, they will likely need refurbishment to reach peak efficiency. With this are a few reasons why you should strongly consider sash window restoration. Keeping in mind their history, understandably you might notice wear and paint chipping. To improve these issues, restoring the windows with high grade timber and paint is ideal.

Furthermore, the common problem of rattling is solved with refurbishment. With all refurbishments a brush pile draught system can be installed, which also lessens the chances of rattling.

Additionally, what your windows may not have already is a key top system; modern restorations give people this choice. The system improves your home’s overall security, and allows more control over ventilation.

If your property needs a specialist to execute sash window restoration Northumberland residents should consider contacting David Humble. We have completed many refurbishments on old and new homes; paying close attention to signs of damage. Keeping in mind the effects of global warming, it is every homeowner’s duty to ensure their home is energy efficient.

If you need our expertise, please get in touch with our team today.