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Ensure your sashes are energy efficient

On the priority list for many homeowners is improvements in energy efficiency. It offers you both immediate and long term rewards. This includes being warmer and cosier, lower bills and also doing your part to help the environment. One way to do this is with the help of the sash window restoration Northumberland should be calling on. Continue reading “Ensure your sashes are energy efficient” »

The right path to sash window restoration

What attracts people to sash windows is their ability to stand out. However, this will only last for so long without proper maintenance. If you neglect them you’ll likely have to think about replacement. This is the least cost effective approach to take. We have a more suitable solution however. We supply the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. Continue reading “The right path to sash window restoration” »

How to keep your sashes in top shape

Sashes are a style of window that is centuries old. Despite this fact though, when cared for they are a highly effective choice for both efficiency and a desirable house feature. You can always count on us to provide sash window restoration Northumberland loves. We are happy to provide both advice and comprehensive services. That way people can keep their original windows. Continue reading “How to keep your sashes in top shape” »

Choose restoration over replacement for sashes

Windows are an essential part of your property. They let in light, allow you to admire your surroundings and let air in when needed. Sashes are great for many reasons, including their character. So, if your property has them, keep them in place. If they ever require work doing, come to the provider of sash window restoration Northumberland can count on. Continue reading “Choose restoration over replacement for sashes” »